SMART STEPS maximize the learning benefits of all that running around time on the playground!

  • 50 PRE-SET PLAY ACTIVITIES designed to optimize the developmental benefits of play! Offering hand-selected activities for different skill levels and abilities.
  • MOVING SMART PROGRESSIONAL TEACHING Recognizing that success builds confidence and confidence builds success, Moving Smart programs foster stepped advancements in every session, celebrating children’s journey from Moving to Growing to Knowing!
  • MOVING SMART MOVEOGRAPHY is designed to enhance key movement patterns essential for successful whole body/whole brain development, working in concert with children's natural growth patterns.
  • TEACHING G.E.M.S. offer teacher insights and management tools to assist you in making the most of moving time.
  • Fast, easy training aids include PRINTABLE SMART LESSONS.
  • Hand-selected SMART STUFF PLAY EQUIPMENT available for purchase (optional), optimizes every moving moment!